Back Pain

Your spinal column is the main support structure for your body.  It has to be rigid enough to keep you upright but flexible enough for you to move properly.  If your spine is out of alignment, or you suffer from other back problems, the results can be painful.

Back Pain Treatment

Back Pain Symptoms

Back pain can be intermittent and dull, or it can be constant and debilitating.  Here are the typical symptoms patients feel:

    • Muscle aches
    • Muscle weakness or numbness
    • Dull aches, shooting pains, stabbing pains
    • Pain that radiates down your leg
    • Pain in your buttocks

Pain typically increases when you exert yourself, such as bending, lifting, or walking.

Back Pain Causes

Your spine is used constantly throughout the day and throughout your life.  This lifetime of use can sometimes take its toll.

One of the most common causes of back pain is from overuse, exertion, and muscle strains.  Repetitive motions, such as heavy lifting, or sudden awkward movements can strain your back muscles and ligaments.

Other common causes of back pain include:

    • Injuries, such as a sudden jolt from a car accident or fall
    • Bulging or ruptured discs impinging on a nerve
    • Herniated or slipped discs causing the soft tissue between your joints to leak out
    • Osteoarthritis causing a narrowing of space in your spinal column
    • Osteoporosis and other skeletal irregularities
    • Inflammation of the sacroiliac joint

Degenerative disc disease can wear down the shock absorbers between your vertebrae.  Back pain can also be a warning sign of more serious medical conditions.

Chiropractic Care Can Help Attack Back Pain

We can identify the root cause of your pain.  Whether it’s stiffness, inflammation, or something else, we can conduct a thorough exam and pinpoint what’s causing the problem.  Once we target the problem, we can recommend a course of treatment for long-term relief.

Back pain treatment may include a variety of chiropractic therapies.  Decompression can help increase the space between vertebrae.  This can help minimize the compression in your disc that results in pain.  Massage, ultrasound and hot/cold therapies help improve blood flow and reduce inflammation.

Gentle manipulation can help properly align your spine to increase the functioning of your nervous system and help with your range of motion.

Exercised and physical therapy can strengthen your core.

This holistic and non-invasive approach can provide the foundation for your back pain treatment without medications or surgery.

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